$40.00 USD
$295.00 Вартість встановлення
iPALS - version 3.x

The Stallion Online Services internet Properties Automatic Listing Systems (iPALS) is an import and maintenance script that creates a seamless bridge between RETS and popular website Real Estate software. When the script is run, either manually or via CRON, the script will

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Import Agents
Import Companies
Import Property types, such as Residential, Commercial, Lease, and Multi-Family Listings, etc. (Up to 4 categories at the listed price. Additional categories are additional.)
Remove listings
Update listings
Update sale types (from For Sale, to Pending, Leased, Sold)
Geocode listings (creation of latitude and longitude) using Google Maps API (up to 2,500 listing maximum per 24 hour period)
... and much more

$225.00 USD
Real Estate NOW! Joomla Component - Agency Edition

Created by Most Wanted Web Services, Inc.
Development started 1st May, 2016

Real Estate NOW! (v.3.5.0)

Simple yet beautiful. Our Real Estate component is multi-functional and will work with RETS or as a stand-alone. The user-friendly interface allows for multi-choice features, multiple image galleries, drag and drop image uploads, open houses, featured listings, a watchlist for favorites, multiple categories, agencies, and so much more. And of course it’s designed for Joomla! only and is responsive. Choose from Bing or Google maps. The front-end management makes it easy for agents to add and update their profiles and their listings easily and efficiently.